The COCA MUSEUM created by Dr. Jorge Hurtado and Dra. Roxana Miranda is a place where you can learn about the science, the history, update news. Every thing about coca and cocaine. An amazing plant that lives in the Andean region. And now spotlights an incredible war:….

                                       humans against a plant..!!!!!

… believe it or not: this is a true story that has ended many lives and has helped rise and has brought down  several governments. Invaded countries….and it is in your favorite beverage: Coca Cola !!!!

Learn with us, the amazing world of this plant: from the begining of its consumption to the latest tecnology used against her in the XXI century. !!!

Visit the NEW COCA MUSEUM EXTENSION in the same place where the coca plant was domesticated five thousands years ago.. It is called COCA WASI   “The house of the coca plant”   ¡ a real life experience with the coca plant. It is located at the Yungas region of La Paz , the main zone of legal and traditional coca cultivation in Bolivia. Here you can see ancient coca plantations, learn all about its agriculture, and taste legal derivatives of this powerful plant.

COCA WASI   “the house of the coca plant” 


(call telf 591 69851999)


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