Author: Jorge Hurtado Gumucio

Cocaine the legend.

Edit HISBOL. La Paz Bolivia 1995. (ingles)


  • CHAPTER I Coca Leaves. Anthropological and Social Aspects.
    – With the Sacred Leaf.
    CHAPTER II Coca Leaves. Scientific Aspects.
    CHAPTER III Cocaine Chlorhydrate. Scientific Aspects.
    CHAPTER IV The Industry of Coca in the United States.
    The Legal Cocaine Club.
    -The War Against Narcotics: Protection for the Legal Cocaine Monopoly?
    -Narco-traffic: The Illegal Competition of Coca Cola
  • CHAPTER VI Drug Dependence
  • Cocaine Chlorhydrate (Crystal) Usage
    Trip Experiences Cocaine Chlorhydrate:
    Some Social Aspects on Cocaine Crystal Use
    Cocaine Base
  • Forms of Administration
  • Effects of Base at Low Doses
  • Effects of Base at High Doses
  • Base’s Paranoid Syndrome Collective Paranoia
  • Controlled Paranoia
  • Trip Experiences
  • Mechanism of the Action Pasta Hypothalamus Pleasure Center Monkeys Addicted to Electrons
  • Relapse Mechanism
  • Coca Leaf Chewing Treatment
  • General Conclusions Statistics